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cf.Objective() is a web developer conference that grew up in the ColdFusion/CFML community and has since expanded to encompass more general web development topics like JavaScript, DevOps, and databases. It’s been held in the Minneapolis, MN area since its inception in 2006, but is moving to Washington D.C. for 2017! You can read all about our history on our website.

The conference will take place July 20-21 at the National Press Club, in Washington, D.C.

CFP Description

We’re looking for topics that will appeal to most CFML developers, bonus points for being CFML-specific content (Adobe ColdFusion or Lucee); though this does not mean all content will be CFML-oriented. We shy away from “101” or “getting started” talks because most of our attendees consider themselves to have an intermediate to advanced skill level. Other server-side languages (Ruby, Python, .NET, etc) are generally not appealing to most of our attendees. That said, Node.js does resonate with our audience in part thanks to JavaScripts client-side ubiquity.

The average cf.Objective() attendee is an intermediate-to-advanced web developer with at least some background in or experience with CFML. Part of the motivation to move to Washington D.C. this year is to be more accessible to the government sector. Topics appealing to government needs may be given preference.

Good areas to cover include (but are certainly not limited to) testing, automation, performance, scaling, new features or methodologies, frameworks, and security… But again: avoid “101” style proposals.

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