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This group is dedicated to software engineers interested in designing and building cloud native applications, microservices architecture, Kubernetes, breaking out monoliths, deployment strategies and other connected topics.

Our aim is to bring together all practitioners in Bucharest, regardless of employer or cloud platform used. We intend to collaborate, share real stories, learn and grow together.

The main reason for starting this group is strong desire to give back, as all of us owe so much to countless people that were willing to share and teach others. We intend to complement any other communities in Bucharest, so we are open for collaboration, especially as we learned a lot from them.

CFP Description

We welcome any practitioners that want to share their stories and lessons to our community. The format of the talk can vary, it can be a presentation about a tool or technology, it can be a use case from your production systems, it can be an interactive workshop. We sometime organise thematic panels on various topics (like architecture, observability, data, security, etc) so we welcome passionate people to join these panels as well.

The meetups are in Romanian and online.

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