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CloudOps is organized by members of the global DevOps, IT and Cloud Infrastructure community to increase the flow and exchange of ideas, experiences and best practices.

After the success of CloudOps Live – our interactive, online sessions with leading cloud experts - we have launched the CloudOps Expert Series.
You can view previous event session on out Youtube channel:

This series will feature up tp 10 minutes talks of cloud professionals working in international enterprises, up and coming startups as well as the public sector. With a focus on delivering practical and insightful content, you’ll be able to exhibit your know-how, hacks, and hot tips to the broadest segment possible of the always busy CloudOps community. Sales or marketing pitches are not allowed.

The talks will be released to our global community, they also will appear on the CloudOps website and YouTube channel, free to watch without the need to subscribe.

CFP Description

Over the next few months, the CloudOps Expert Series will be hosting these laser-focused interviews and would love you to present – in whatever way you see fit – on one of the following (or similar) topics: *Product pitches are not allowed!

Right-sizing in the cloud

Cloud resource tagging

Tops methods for reducing cloud spend

Cloud governance (how to set up, areas to focus on, etc.)


Cloud automation


Machine Learning in the cloud

Migration to the cloud

Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, Cloudformation)

Cloud monitoring (cost, application performance, infrastructure monitoring, etc.)

Whether you are working for a global enterprise or a bleeding-edge startup, we want to hear from you!

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