CommCon Virtual 2021

Virtual December 06, 2021, December 07, 2021, December 08, 2021, December 09, 2021, December 10, 2021

CFP closed at  October 31, 2021 23:59 UTC

CommCon is back for hopefully the last “virtual” appearance before we can all start meeting safely again. CommCon Virtual is a conference around Real Time Media - whether that’s transporting media (including the data channel) via WebRTC, creating VoIP calls with SIP or something entirely different. We want to hear the stories behind them all; if you’re transporting real time media from A to B we want to hear about it.

CommCon Virtual 2021 is taking place at the start of December this year. Every video will be professionally recorded and edited before the event using WebRTC technology with the week of the the event taking place across Matrix/Element and the CommCon website with streaming of sessions and Q&A powered by Millicast and Broadcaster.VC

Sessions will hopefully be completely free of charge to view but in order to take part in conversations you’ll need to sign up for a Matrix account - details to follow on this. We need sponsors to keep the event free of charge.

A 5 day conference looks rather intimidating, it’s a lot of time to sink into something - but we won’t be running sessions all day every day; instead we’ll be spacing them out throughout the day so you only need to plan for an hour here and there out of your normal schedules - just like setting up a meeting in your working week. We don’t believe 3 full days of conference work in the virtual space; life isn’t the same for everyone and we can’t all give that much time away from your working week or even home life depending on your timezone.

CFP Description

We want to hear your voice! Tell us about your project or your experiences, what’s new, what’s been difficult etc etc. If it involved Real Time Media, tell us about it! Sessions are 30 minutes long - anything more and people get bored online and go elsewhere. Those 30 minutes include Q&A. We’ll be spreading sessions out during the week. Last year we had 20 sessions - 4 a day for a week and they were 40 minutes long. This year we’re changing up the duration of the sessions to better reflect how people interact with virtual conferences and slotting even more into the week to give an ever increasing voice to everyone in this industry.

Strictly no commercial selling talks. Talking about a commercial project in a way that’s beneficial to all is fine; selling your service to viewers is not.

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