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Online September 07, 2022
Tags: Devops, Ci/cd, Gitops, Finops, Progressive delivery, Continuous delivery

Accepting Submissions

All things DevOps, AppOps, and Open Source. Created and curated by developers for developers. Container Talks is a tech community on a mission to democratize Kubernetes and all things cloud native. A place for communities and professionals to learn, share and collaborate.

CFP Description

Who should submit?

Have you solved a problem that helped reduce complexity or furthered the goals of your organization? Container Talks aims to simplify software delivery, helping attendees take their work from idea to production. We all are constrained by time, resources, and cost and your unique experience can help further the craft of software delivery for everyone who attends.

Share your story and experience on our virtual stage to a community of software delivery enthusiasts. Consider submitting regardless of your level of experience presenting.

What are we looking for?

Software delivery is the continuous flow from idea to production. Here are the types of sessions we’re looking for:

Software Delivery Ecosystem: These 30 minute sessions provide an aerial view of the software delivery landscape, sharing business value that involves people, process, and technology. Technical Sessions: These 30 minute sessions scale and simplify software development and delivery challenges in our space today. Deep Dive Demonstrations: These 30 minute sessions showcase software delivery tools and solutions in action.

Some areas of software delivery to consider addressing include:

  • Product/Change Management
  • Development Methodologies
  • Source Code Management
  • Testing Strategies and Automation
  • Continuous Integration
  • Cloud/Infrastructure Strategy
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Verification/Validation and Monitoring
  • Progressive Delivery
  • FinOps

We understand digging into a complex topic in 30 minutes can be challenging. The audience will have varying levels of experience and communicating your points can be an art form. We suggest the following format.

  • Introduce yourself and your organization
  • Tee up the problem you’ve solved
  • Show specific approaches, methodologies, and tools you leveraged and potentially where to find them
  • Provide contact details for attendees to get in touch during and after the conference

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