Covalence Conference 2020

San Francisco, California January 24, 2020

CFP closed at  November 01, 2019 06:59 UTC

Covalence is an independent, hand-crafted, single-day and single-track conference about building desktop apps with Electron, Node.js and JavaScript.

Join us for an exciting look at the future of Electron and JavaScript on the desktop, a chance to meet the community, and a day of inspiration and fun.

Thanks to generous sponsorship from Slack, the conference is not-for-profit – all proceeds will be donated to The Last Mile

CFP Description

Covalence is a conference about building desktop apps with JavaScript. Our main focus is Electron, a framework that enables developers to build cross-platform desktop apps, but we welcome all topics that discuss using web tech to build desktop experiences.

📖We’ll go beyond the usual “Introducing Electron” talks and take a deeper look at building performant, secure, and beautiful apps that users love. In January 2019, we heard about V8 performance, Web Assembly, performance tricks used in Visual Studio Code, modern CSS grid systems, or the future of Electron. Our audience contains mostly developers of large-scale web apps, but we also do our best to get Node.js and web development newcomers to explore building desktop software.

Above anything else, our audience wants to hear from you about the lessons you’ve learned while building something for the desktop – whether that happened in Electron, in a browser, or with something else entirely. Many of the best engineers have never given a talk. If you have interesting things to talk about and are a first-time speaker, we’d be excited to help you!