C++ Russia 2020 Moscow

Moscow April 27, 2020, April 28, 2020

Tags: C++, Low-level, Functional, Stl, Boost, Metaprogramming

CFP closed at  February 03, 2020 15:02 UTC

C++ Russia is a two-day conference with several tracks of in-depth technical talks devoted to C++: concurrency, performance, architecture and infrastructure solutions — all you need to make your code more concise and productive.

CFP Description


We are interested in talks related to the following topics:

Modern C++; STL, Boost, Qt and other open source libraries; building large projects; testing C++ projects; concurrent, asynchronous and competitive programming; metaprogramming; programming paradigms in C++; low-level programming; functional programming.

We consider talk applications according to the following guidelines: The topic’s relevance: you are going to discuss things that participants of the conference find useful not only yesterday but today and in the future. In addition, the topic of your talk corresponds to the theme of the conference, and the talk’s content matches the stated topic. Your talk dives deep into the details of the stated topic: there is no need to talk about yet another Hello World (unless you think it’s a new, not widely known, but very promising technology). Originality — there is technical novelty in your talk; the content of your talk either hasn’t been published before or presents a well-known topic / problem in a different light. Practical applicability — the talk is important from practical point of view, you not only cover the existing problems / solutions, but also share your experience. Speaker’s expertise and publicity. In order to submit your talk, please, fill in the form below: we kindly ask you to pay as much attention as possible while doing that, because we’ll consider your application based on the information provided below. If you require help while preparing your talk, we’ll do our best to help you make a good talk.

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