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CraftHub is a multifaceted IT event management company with a diverse portfolio of conferences, hackathons, developer competitions and workshops both online and offline. A hub that makes knowledge available and helps tech crafters continuously improve their skills.

In 2024 we aim to organize several meetups with topics like data engineering, UX/UI, product development, engineering leadership or simply software development. These events’ main goal is to build a community with like-minded people and help them continuosly improve their skills.

At our meetups, we usually look for the speakers, however if you are interested in giving a short - 20-30 minutes long speech - in the above mentioned topics, feel free to submit your topic and we will get back to you regarding the next steps!

Shall you have any questions regarding our meetups, contact us at

CFP Description

We are expecting talks in the following topics: AI/ML, data science, data engineering, BI/analytics, engineering leadership, mobile and software development, UX/UI, product development.

The talks should be a maximum 30 minutes long (20/25 minutes of talk and 10/5 minutes Q&A).

The Call for Presentations at the moment doesn’t have a deadline, we are continuously waiting for submissions.

Meetups are usually organized on weekdays, mostly on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5:00 - 6:00 pm! Venue of our meetups: Budapest (in the first half of the year at Create26)

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