CWIC 2022: The Hyperconnected Human

Hinxton Hall, Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, CB10 1RQ November 02, 2022

CFP closed at  August 19, 2022 17:30 UTC

The call for speakers has now opened! Don’t miss your opportunity to speak to 500+ major industry players, from technologists and entrepreneurs to academics and investors. We want to hear your stories of digital transformation, innovation and challenge, welcoming applications from organisations of any size or age. If you’re a thought leader with a compelling story, apply now!

Connectivity is now a ubiquitous part of our lives, round the clock we are connected; from wearables and smart devices to connected cars, houses and cities, people are ever more ‘plugged in’. CWIC 2022 will explore the ‘connected person’ and take a tour around their connected environment.

Not only are humans externally more connected to their environment, we now have the possibility of robotic body augmentation. The human augmentation market is currently worth almost 90 billion dollars (2020) and is expected to reach over $290billion by 2028 with the largest slice from wearable devices. Can the human brain adapt to controlling an extra robotic digit added to the body by using the ‘third thumb’?

CWIC will explore the societal impact of being ever more connected. How are we teaching our kids about technology? Is it through the tech itself, are they learning about the world and social values through Alexa, Google and TikTok ? Are there marginalised groups being left out (such as the elderly) or does this uber-connectivity allow for more inclusion?

And let’s not forget the Metaverse! The nebulous term for a group of interoperable technologies that encompasses augmented reality and virtual worlds where people play, work, shop and that live on even when you aren’t actively in them. How is the human being changed by or changing this ‘metaverse’? Does the metaverse go beyond gaming and by its adoption is it adapting to the ‘self’ or the ‘self’ adapting to the metaverse? Will the metaverse be the next tech watershed or is this just a second stab at Second Life?

But, with our lives relying so heavily on connectivity, what happens if we pull the plug, and the network goes down? And does all this connectivity come with increased vulnerability with cyberspace and data security. Who controls all this connectivity and how securely?

CWIC 2022 will explore the following areas: - Security & Identity - Digital Mobility & Logistics - The Patient of the Future - Hyperconnected Entertainment - Living in the Metaverse - Connected Society

CFP Description

Speaking slots are about 10-12 minutes long and come with the potential to join a panel discussion. Further information is available online, including an overview of the CW International Conference. The deadline for applications is 17:00 on Friday 19 August 2022.

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