DevFest Baltics 2018: Mobile Edition

Riga, Latvia November 16, 2018
Tags: Bots, Ar, Vr, Ai, Ios, Iot, Android, Mobile, Ui/ux, Crossplatform

CFP closed at  August 31, 2018 19:08 UTC

Hey there traveler,

We’re happy to present you DevFest Baltics!

Conference for mobile developers organized by group of GDGs from the Baltics. Save the date - November 16. This is the first conference in the Baltics packed with topics about mobile development, Android and iOS, Mobile Crossplatform tools, UI/UX and prototyping, Internet of Things, VR and AR, bots, AI and more. With support from Google and other GDGs from the Central and Eastern Europe DevFest Baltics will feature awesome speakers and topics from industry experts from the whole Globe.

In other words DevFest Baltics will be the event you simply can not miss if you love Mobile!

And here’s a recap video from last year:

CFP Description

DevFest Baltics is a conference by mobile developers for mobile developers, so we are primary interested but not limited in:

  • 📱 Mobile (Android, iOS, Crossplatform tools, …)
  • 📝 Architectural Patterns (Rx, MVVM, Viper, …)
  • 📟 IoT (Android Things, Actions API, Android Wear, Chromecast, Arduino, …)
  • 📻 Tools and Languages (TensorFlow, Firebase, Kotlin, Swift …)
  • 📺 VR and AR (Cardboard, ARKit, …)
  • Other

Attendees (4)