DevOps Turkey Meetup

İstanbul, Turkey January 01, 2021

Accepting Submissions

We enjoy seeing new people fancy for speaking in DevOps Turkey meetups!

If you want to share your experience or knowledge about DevOps Culture, tools or approaches, then this is just the right opportunity for you!

Based on the previous experiences DevOps Turkey team has prepared this guideline for potential speakers. Please read this guideline and prepare your presentation based on those.

DevOps Turkey meetups are community events, not marketing opportunities, so please speak about your DevOps experiences instead of pitching your product.

Explain your story. People attending to DevOps Turkey meetups are keen to hear about the real-life stories. They can find lots of tutorials from the internet and we believe it’s not easy for the audience to remember the important piece when the speaker goes on a tutorial.

Create a unique and special presentation. Let it be special for the audience as well!

Make a hands-on demo! It’s always great to prove what you are explaining with a live demo!

Know your time. Be specific and be precise - we could talk about each and every topic for hours and hours, but you need to be flexible enough to shorten it to the given time.

The conclusion is the key to the listener’s memory. In your presentation, there will be a lot of new information for most of the listeners, so do not forget to have a conclusion slide/-es, where you would point out the most important keywords/keynotes of your presentation.

For international speakers; Let us know at least 1 month before (more time is better) your arrival so we can find a venue in time.


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