DevOpsDays Tokyo 2024

Tokyo, JP April 16, 2024, April 17, 2024

CFP closed at  January 31, 2024 17:06 UTC

DevOpsDays Tokyo is a local conference to share technology trends, case studies, and knowledge from IT professionals who have been working to improve their product and processes through DevOps practices, both in Japan and abroad.

With content in both Japanese and English, our community strives to improve processes and outcomes by not only bridging the gap between Dev and Ops, but between Japanese and western IT cultures.

Although Japanese will be the primary language of the conference, about half of the talks will be in English (with simultaneous translation to Japanese available).

CFP Description

We’re looking for a mix of technical and cultural talks that relate to the central conference themes.

  • how-to-begin-devops:はじめの一歩
  • infrastructure-as-code:インフラ自動化(IaC)
  • agile-testing:アジャイルテスティング
  • quality-engineering:品質エンジニアリング
  • customer-success:カスタマーサクセス
  • thoughts-and-experiments:新しい提案や実験
  • continuous-delivery:継続的デリバリー
  • administration-and-security:インフラ管理とセキュリティ
  • empowered-by-ai:AIによる支援
  • collaboration-of-organizations:組織間のコラボレーション
  • microservice-and-containers:マイクロサービスとコンテナ技術
  • serverless-computing:サーバーレス・コンピューティング
  • logging-monitoring:ログとモニタリング
  • testing-in-production:本番環境でのテスト
  • metrics-and-management:メトリクスとマネジメント

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