DevOpsDays Baku 2021

Baku, Azerbaijan December 09, 2021

CFP closed at  December 01, 2021 19:11 UTC

Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, is proud to host the first DevOps Days here in Azerbaijan.

Famous for its historical oil resources, Baku is home to many international companies from banks to large corporations. The DevOps community of Baku are very excited for the upcoming event. DevOpsDays Baku will bring together more than 200 development, operations, security, and management professionals from various companies to discuss the processes and tools to enable better organizations and innovative products.

The schedule will consist of a mixture of single-track presentations, lightning talks, and the Open Space format that DevOpsDays is known for.

CFP Description

We have open slots for several 30-minute and 5-minute lightning talks. Once applied, the organizer committee will vote on which presentations are selected. We ask for the summary of the talk that you’re planning to give.

The participants of the event are the DevOps practitioners and they’ll be looking for the details that will take their knowledge about the subject to the next level. Please be more specific. Culture talks are good, but we’ll be expecting more actionable details. If you don’t have a lot of specifics, we would suggest going for an ignite talk instead of a full talk.

Demos are welcome. You can run your own laptop for full talk slots but have backup plan to be safe. We ask the ignite talks to be provided in PDF format a few days before the conference which will all be run by the ignite talk coordinator from their system on auto-advance.

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