DevOps Days Copenhagen

Copenhagen, DK - April 24, 2018, April 25, 2018

CFP closed at  February 11, 2018 22:59 UTC

DevOps Days, the worldwide series of conferences for the tech community, is coming to Copenhagen on April 24th & 25th.

Each day will start with some inspiring 30-minute talks on the main stage, and open space discussions will be run in two tracks during the afternoon.

CFP Description

As this is our first time in Copenhagen, we’re looking for a diverse set of talks from a diverse group of speakers. Don’t be shy and submit your idea.

The talks could be about:
- telling a story of success (or failure, both equally important!)
- a pattern that has worked for you (and under what circumstances it works)
- what was challenging about implementing a particular solution
- what a deep dive on a particular technology taught you
- a time you drove change through your organization
- what you see in store for the future of DevOps

For specific tools talk, there are open spaces discussions in the afternoon. The main conference talks should be a bit more conceptual (balance between technical and cultural content). Demos are welcome but, of course, there’s always that slim chance that wireless will give you trouble or other technical issues may come into play - just prep well and have a backup plan.

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