DevOps.js Conference

Online February 15, 2024, February 16, 2024

CFP closed at  November 30, 2023 23:59 UTC

DevOps.js is an event for all the developers and architects involved in building infrastructure and setting up pipelines and deployments for JavaScript applications.

Would you like to skill up as a DevOps? Join authors of top projects and vital practitioners at the DevOps.js Conference on February 15-16, 2024.

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CFP Description

Call for Presentations - DevOps.js Conference 2024

Would you like to speak in front of the global developer community? Share your experiences with thousands of international attendees, open-source contributors and big companies joining DevOps.js Conference in February, 2024.

Important! Please be aware that we only review requests submitted through this form:

We’re setting up 2 days. We’re open to a broad variety of talks targeting developers and architects.

The topic of the submitted talk should cover DevOps for JS applications, including fields like: *Build tools *CI/CD *Security *Monitoring *Performance *Edge runtimes *Code quality *Monorepo *HumanOps

Talk length - 20 min. The talks will be pre-recorded and followed by a live Q&A. Feel free to submit multiple talk proposals if you have a few ideas to share!

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