Docker in Hindi | Docker Official Community All-Hands | September 16

Virtual Online September 16, 2021

CFP closed at  September 10, 2021 14:30 UTC

Greetings All,

For the first time, Docker Bangalore Meetup community will collaborate with other India’s leading Meetup community groups to organize “Docker in Hindi” sessions in the official Docker Community All-Hands that is happening this Thursday September 16th, 2021. This quarterly event is a unique opportunity for Docker staff and the broader Docker community to come together for live company updates, product updates, demos, community shout-outs and Q&A.

IMPORTANT: To register for this event, please go to

We will be using the Tulula video platform for the event - we recommend that you use Firefox and Chrome for Desktop for an optimal experience.

If you are interested to speak at this event, do leave your comment or do reach out to us via platform. This event is 100% FREE.

We’ll be posting the full agenda very soon so stay tuned!

CFP Description

We are currently accepting 30-minute talk proposals from interested speakers. As this is fully virtual event and hosted over platform, we cordially invite all to make a submission (or submissions). Our core audience will consist of DevOps, application developers, open source maintainers, software architects, Product Managers, open-source experts, IoT and application security professionals. Make sure you understand the speaker guidelines before submitting your session. Attendance is 100% free and online.

We’re eager to provide a platform to our speakers, so if you are a completely new speaker or haven’t delivered a talk in the past, tell us about it in your proposal. We also welcome submissions on perennially popular technical topics related to DevOps technologies listed below:

  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • DevSecOps
  • Open Source Technology
  • Release Orchestration
  • Application Development
  • Automation
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Microservices
  • Software Delivery Management
  • Cloud-Native
  • Monitoring and Observing Containers in Production
  • Managing Deployment Configuration (IaC)
  • Container Security Best Practices
  • Using Containers in Test Environments
  • DevOps Tools(Docker, Chef, Puppet, PowerShell, Kubernetes, GitHub, Ansible, SaltStack, Capistrano, Jenkins)
  • DevOps/Cloud Infra (Virtualization, Containerization, Orchestration, Microservices, Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, OpenStack).
  • DevOps Real World Experience – technology adoption examples, real-life implementation scenarios, best practices, and insights from real companies.
  • Culture and Processes
  • Infrastructure as code

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