DevOps Days Phoenix

Phoenix May 25, 2023

CFP closed at  April 21, 2023 19:00 UTC

DevOpsDays- Phoenix - Call for Proposals!

Call for Proposals (CFP) opens Thursday, March 16, 2023, at 5:00 pm and runs through Friday, April 14, 2023, at 11:59 pm

Selected proposals will be announced on Wednesday, April 19, 2023

This event is in the Mountain Time Zone, UTC/GMT-7 hours - remember, Arizona doesn’t change time based on Daylight Savings

The Call for Proposals is your invitation to be part of the narrative at DevOpsDays - Phoenix and bring your knowledge to Phoenix Metro DevOps community. We encourage the sharing of original material, with a focus on new and local presenters.

Proposing Topics

There are three ways to propose a topic at DevOpsDays - Phoenix:

  1. 30-Minute Presentation: a 20-minute talk on the topic of your choice, with the option of Audience Q&A, following your presented material. These usually take place in the morning.
  2. Ignite Talk: a 5-minute Ignite session (scheduling varies), with 20-slides, changing every 15 seconds.
  3. Open Space: You lead a group discussion during the attendee - suggested Open Space breakout session. It is not necessary to propose a topic ahead of time, as topics are suggested in person at the conference.

Submitting a Talk

When choosing and submitting your proposed talk, please be:

  • Concise and Comprehensive: It is difficult for us to approve an enigmatic pitch.
  • Broad Appeal: How will your talk communicate with people of varying backgrounds? An example is that technical deep dives require more levels to provide value to the entire room.
  • Local Presenters: Up to 2 Presenters are welcome, but please make sure that at least one of you call the Phoenix Metro your home base. We are interested in the challenges and successes being experienced in our geo-area. We are happy to provide guidance/coaching for new speakers upon request.
  • Under-Represented: All voices are welcome, including less-frequent speakers. Whether you’re in a field that isn’t typically considered “Tech,” you are in a large, traditional organization, or you are the only person at your organization with your background, we think your unique experience is important for our audience.
  • Original Content: We will consider previously presented talks, but we prefer ones that the local area isn’t likely to have already heard and seen.
  • No Third-Party Submissions: This is a small DevOps driven conference, and speakers need to be directly engaged with the community. Please do not ask your PR firm or Marketing Team to propose a talk on your behalf.
  • No Vendor Pitches: As mentioned above, as much as we value our Sponsors and vendors, we are not going to accept a talk that appears to be a pitch for your product. Please save your demos for your Sponsor Table.

How to submit a proposal: Please submit your talk via If you have questions about submitting, you can reach out to the DevOps Days - PHX organizers at

In gratitude for sharing your time and knowledge with the DevOpsDays – Phoenix audience, the Registration fee for this event is complementary for all selected Speakers.

CFP Description

Proposing a Topic

If you are wondering what type of talk is best received at DevOpsDays – Phoenix, we suggest that real-world experience is a great place to start, and truly what we are looking for 2023. A sample might be: ‘We experienced change A; we did B to address this change, and here are how things turned out.

Please don’t dilute your shared experience, as a generic talk and weaker submission might be the result. Genuine personal lessons learned, and implementations is what drives the most compelling talks.

Things to remember for your proposal submission:

  • Make it personal, we care to learn about you and from you.
  • Propose to talk about changes you have experienced or implemented in any identifiable DevOps community topic area including those that touch on culture, process, technology, tooling, sharing, etc. How did the changes affect other areas of your business? What wisdom can you share with your community, and what can you build on in this current period of uncertainty and change?

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