DevOpsDays - India - 2018

Bengaluru India December 08, 2018, December 09, 2018
Tags: Devops

CFP closed at  October 01, 2018 23:10 UTC

DevOpsDays India has been bringing the community together since 2011 as Indian Chapter of the movement started by Patrick Debois. Breaking the silos of different sequentially lined-up teams from Devs to Ops to make Continuous Delivery the primary focus.

We are extremely happy to announce that Patrick Debois the founder of DevOps has agreed to attend and give a keynote address at the conference.

CFP Description

DevOpsDays India this year is scheduled for 8th and 9th of December 2018.

We have CFP open till 30th September 2018 with Speakers having enough time to propose a talk.

We are looking for submissions under all 2 traditional categories

Lightning Talk (5-10min) Talk (30-45 min)

The topics can vary from further emphasis on DevOps philosophy to nerd internals of an awesome utility from the toolbox.

It can be having fun with containers or fierce scale cluster handling petabytes of data.

Or just some new monitoring/logging/analytics/automation framework you’re building or got introduced to.

If you have ideas for multiple talk proposals, do submit them separately.