Drupal Camp Bristol 2019

Bristol, UK June 28, 2019


CFP closed at  May 12, 2019 00:05 UTC

DrupalCamp Bristol is an annual conference in South West England, focussing on the Drupal content management system and related topics. After the first three events in 2015-17, we are returning in 2019 for it’s fourth edition, at ‘The Station’ in Bristol on June 28th.

We’re also trying a new format this year - a one-day, single track conference, made up of both long and short talks.

While Drupal remains at the heart of the conference we are looking to broaden the appeal of the content and ensure it is relevant to the wider developer community and to organisations that do not currently use Drupal.

CFP Description

Why you?

Everyone has something to share – and we’d love Drupal Camp Bristol to be the conference where you choose to share it. We are keen and committed to getting submissions from as broad, diverse and representative a range of potential speakers as we possibly can.

We also encourage submissions from both new and experienced speakers. If you are new to speaking we are happy to help direct you to resources and training that might help.

Previous events have been popular, attracting local and international speakers and attendees, as well as people from outside the Drupal community, who have come to learn and share their knowledge.

Who would you be speaking to?

Our audience consists of developers, engineers, designers marketers, content editors, project managers, account managers, testers and leaders of organisations that use drupal. They are consistently technical but from across a very broad range of industries.

Mostly they already use, build or sell Drupal, but we would like to ensure the content is still appealing to those who do not currently use Drupal. It may help to consider Drupal as a framework and a tool in the context of the wider web industry.

What are we looking for?

The main themes for Drupal camp is build with, delivering with and getting the most from Drupal.

We have two types of talk slot – 10 minute short talk, and 45 minute full-length talk. If you’re able to flex your talk to fit either slot, please tell us, it really helps to have flexibility when we are programming the lineup.

We tend to have a lot more submissions for full-length talks, and so if you can do a great 10 minute talk you might have a better chance of being selected.

Bear in mind that though our audience is typically technical, folks come from all different kinds of organisations and specialisations.

Tech topics:

  • Twig & theme building
  • Using Drupal with modern js frameworks, Vue / React etc
  • Decoupled functionality
  • Configuration management
  • Drupal commerce
  • Building community sites
  • Webforms
  • Drupal Form API
  • Migrations
  • Working with legacy sites and code
  • Drupal console vs Drush
  • Autowiring
  • Dependency injection
  • Composer
  • API creation
  • External software and service API integrations
  • Docker / Docksal
  • Working with design systems

Business topics:

  • Use cases for Drupal
  • Explaining Drupal language and terminology
  • ‘Selling’ Drupal
  • Development workflows
  • Use cases for decoupled Drupal
  • Delivering projects with complex software integrations
  • Assessing quality
  • Lean / Agile or other processes

User topics:

  • Editor / publisher workflows
  • Publishing at scale
  • Testing
  • Drupal out of the box
  • Drupal admin UI
  • Evaluating your website or web application

What if your talk idea doesn’t fit exactly?

If you have a proposal or idea for a talk that doesn’t fit exactly into these themes, or works across more than one, please do submit it! We keep a slot or two available for “wildcards” – something that doesn’t necessarily exactly fit the description of the themes above, but we nevertheless feel would be interesting, inspiring or entertaining for our attendees. There is absolutely no harm in submitting something that might be a little left-field – we will consider it alongside all the other submissions.