Experts Live India 2023

Pune March 18, 2023

CFP closed at  January 31, 2023 19:20 UTC

CFP Description

Experts Live India is the Indian edition of the global Experts Live India conferences rocking the world. This is an IT community event, managed by the community, for the community. Our mission is to bring together like-minded individuals with shared experiences and trade expertise.

We invite guest speakers from around the world who are accomplished and influential in their field of work, and more.

We strive to create an experience for our community of enthusiasts and experts to learn, share and thrive. But we need you! We couldn’t pull this off without our fantastic speakers.

We encourage you to submit your top presentation on the topics you are most passionate about. You can submit session proposal(s) across a variety of formats- Interactive talks.

Format and Duration

Interactive talks: 50 minutes

Lightening talks: 10 minutes

We are accepting proposals until 21st Jan 2023 and we will reach out to selected speakers by 30th Jan 2023.

Selected speakers will be invited to present the papers at Experts Live India 2023, March 18th, 2023. Details regarding the final agenda, schedule, pre-event practice dates, etc., will be shared with the selected speakers.

Recommendations for session proposals:

  • Preferably submit advanced/expert talks (levels 300-400) sharing your in-depth subject understanding and/or detailed technical overview of the product/technology features. If proposing basic/ intermediate talks (levels 100-200) that cover the concepts, functions, features, or benefits of the technology, we recommend focusing on currently released or upcoming technologies.

  • Keep your target audience in mind. Write a descriptive, fun, and enticing title that will instantly connect with the audience.

  • Plan to make a presentation that is new, unique, or significantly refreshed from previous presentation(s).

  • Focus on a solution-oriented approach. Audiences are keen to see you dive into an interesting problem and then discuss your solution. Kindly refrain from marketing/sales-related content in your presentations.

  • Include live demo(s) for technical sessions; historically, sessions with strong demos have received higher audience engagement.


Biography along with photo and video interviews to be published and promoted on the following but not limited to, event website, brochure, agenda, marketing mailers, newsletters, press releases, social media, post-event reports, future events, and references.

Experts Live India retains the right to change the venue, dates, program, speakers and participants of the event and/or to cancel the event.

In no circumstances shall we bear liability for any damage or loss, which might occur to persons and/or properties during the event, including specifically disturbances of possession and all commercial losses.

Experts Live India may only use an individual attendee’s personal information for the purpose of sending to the individual attendee’s details of its services or those offered its marketing partners or members of its group.

Experts Live India may also disclose the event, whether in photographic, audio or audiovisual format, without any limitation and in any format. The attendees hereby give up any privacy right they might have due to their presence at the event and accept not to enter into any legal proceedings against us arising from our use of such material.

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