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Hello Elixir enthusiasts,

Do you have a story to share about your Elixir journey? Do you have a cool project or a library that you built or used with Elixir? Do you have some tips or tricks that you learned along the way? Do you have a vision for the future of Elixir and its ecosystem?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we want to hear from you! We are looking for speakers for Elixirsafari, a conference that celebrates the Elixir programming language and its community. Elixirsafari will take place in Nairobi, Kenya on June 19th -23rd, 2024. The breakdown of the segments is as follows:

June 19th: Training Day

June 20th-21st: Elixir Conference

June 22nd-23rd: Safari Events

Elixirsafari is a conference for everyone, from beginners to experts, from hobbyists to professionals, from developers to designers, from academics to entrepreneurs. We welcome talks on any topic related to Elixir, such as:

  • Web development with Phoenix, LiveView, and Nerves
  • Data processing and analysis with Ecto, Broadway, and Flow
  • Testing, debugging, and performance optimization with ExUnit, Dialyzer, and Telemetry
  • Distributed systems and concurrency with OTP, GenServer, and Mnesia
  • Functional programming and metaprogramming with Elixir syntax, macros, and protocols
  • Elixir in production, deployment, and DevOps with Mix, Hex, and Docker
  • Elixir in education, research, and social impact with Livebook, Scenic, and NervesHub
  • Elixir in other domains and platforms, such as AI, blockchain, IoT, mobile, etc.

We are looking for talks of different formats and lengths, such as:

  • Lightning talks (15 minutes)
  • Long talks (30 minutes)
  • Workshops (60 minutes or more)

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive conference, and we encourage speakers from all backgrounds, identities, and experiences to apply. We also offer mentoring and coaching for speakers who need assistance with preparing their talks.

If you are interested in speaking at Elixirsafari, please fill out this form by January 26th, 2024. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Your bio and photo
  • Your talk title and abstract
  • Your talk format and length
  • Your talk level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced)
  • Your talk category (web, data, testing, etc.)
  • Your talk slides or video (optional)

We will review all submissions and notify the selected speakers by January 26, 2024. We will also provide travel and accommodation support for speakers who need it.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you at Elixirsafari!

Sincerely, The Elixirsafari Team

When is Elixir Safari

June 19th - June 23rd 2024

Where is Elixir Safari

Nairobi Kenya

CFP Description

Need to Know When Sharing a Talk

Here are some topics you can share with us:

  • Elixir Language and Development: Elixir, Phoenix, Livebook, Nx, Nerves, LiveView, Scenic, Ecto, Elixir Case Studies and Real-world Projects.

  • Concurrency and Distributed Systems: Managing Distributed, Concurrent, or Multi-Node Systems, Dealing with Real-time Applications.

  • Infrastructure: Elixir Deployments, Releases, CI/CD, and Infrastructure, Build/Test/Deploy Environment, Compilers, Formatters, Mix Tools & Testing: Development Tools, Dialyzer, Debugging, Tracing, Profiling.

These are just suggestions, and we welcome any other exciting topics you might have in mind. Please feel free to share your ideas with us. Your input is valuable, and we’re open to considering a wide range of compelling topics for our event.

Who can apply to be a speaker

We wholeheartedly embrace diversity and inclusion. Everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, or any background. We’re eager to hear your unique stories and experiences.


This year’s event will attract attendees from diverse backgrounds, including individuals of various genders, religions, and walks of life. Our aim is to create an inclusive and enriching environment that welcomes everyone, from professional developers and accomplished researchers to enthusiastic students, regardless of their gender or religious affiliations.

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