Elm in the Spring 2019

Chicago, USA April 26, 2019


CFP closed at  February 01, 2019 08:02 UTC

Elm in the Spring is a one-day conference focused on the Elm programming language. This year, it will be held in Chicago at the Newberry Library!

Let’s all get together and spend the day talking, teaching, and learning all about Elm!


  • 12/13/18 - CFP Opens
  • 1/31/19 - CFP Closes (11:59pm PST 1/31 = 7:59am UTC 2/1)
  • 2/22/19 - Speakers notified (by this date)
  • 2/28/19 - Speakers announced (by this date)
  • 4/26/19 - Elm in the Spring!

CFP Description

Elm in the Spring welcomes new and seasoned speakers to give a talk in Chicago! Each talk slot is 30 minutes. We’re reserving a minimum of two (2) talk spots for first-time speakers.

The conference is a single-day, single-track event. Please keep in mind that we’ll have an audience of various experience levels. We’d like a diverse set of talks applicable to the general Elm community.

We’re looking for talks that have some (or all!) of these qualities:

  • Are grounded in Elm
  • Have fresh and unique ideas
  • Offer practical techniques and tools
  • Show your excitement
  • Inspire the community

CFP submission fields:

  • Title
  • Abstract / Elevator Pitch (300 chars)
  • Description
  • Notes

Your talk submission will be reviewed anonymously by a small group. The number of submissions per person is limited to two (2).

There will be a travel allowance for speakers intended to offset domestic travel and lodging.

Talks will be recorded unless the speaker requests otherwise.

For any additional questions you have, email hello@elminthespring.org.