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Event Dates: November 22, 2017, November 23, 2017, November 24, 2017, November 25, 2017

Wearable solutions, Containers, Virtualization, Virtual reality, Speech recognition, Software defined radio, Cognitive networks, Software defined networks, Radio-frequency identification, Pattern recognition, Mda, Scalable model-driven engineering, Mobile edge computing, Network function virtualization, Caching techniques, Transaction models, Mobile database retrieval techniques, E-learning, Mobile collaboration, Machine to machine communications, Machine learning, Large scale optimization, Internet of things, Integration as a service, Image processing, High-performance computing, Graph computation models, Evolutionary computation, Deep learning, Domain specific languages, And database systems, Operating systems, Distributed algorithms, Simd architectures, Data-parallel algorithms, Data mining, Computer vision, Computer-generated imagery, Computational geometry, Combinatorial optimization, Biometrics, Big data as a service (bdaas), Saas, Paas, Iaas, Cloud computing, Big data, Augmented reality, Analytics as a service (aaas), Agent-to-human service interactions, Agent-based architectures, Agent-based systems, Cellular communications, 5g, 4g, Wireless technologies., Telecommunications, Quantum computing, Optical fiber networks, Mass media, Digital signal processing, Digital broadcasting networks, Datawarehousing, Data science, Cryptography, Business intelligence, Artificial intelligence

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