Frontend Dev Conf 2017

Minsk, Belarus
Tags: A11y, Css, React, Vue, Angular, Pwa, Javascript, Iot, Webassembly, Webvr

CFP closed at  June 26, 2017 11:35 UTC

Frontend Dev Conf is an international conference for frontend-developers and UI-specialists. The audience of the conference is more than 400+ developers (Java Script, .NET, C++, PHP, Ruby) with mid. level and higher.

FDConf 2017

○ 1 day;

○ 2 technical streams (Front & Geek);

○ 4 Lightning Talks;

○ 16 speakers;

○ 50+ companies;

○ 400+ participants.

We’ll discuss in details the latest news, trends and will talk about how experienced developers solve pressing problems. Frontend Dev Conf is a significant educational event for the IT community, which guarantees complete professional reload.

Dates: 30 of September

CFP Description

The main fields for talks:

Front stream

○ Desktop development with javascript (Win/Mac);

○ PWA - Progressive Web Applications (PWAs);

○ MV* frameworks (e.g. Vue 1/2, Angular 2/4);

○ Reactive programming (e.g. React, RxJS, Bacon, Preact, Inferno, Next.js, Relay);

○ Native applications with javascript (React Native, NativeScript etc);

○ Testing for javascript development (not only unit tests);

○ СSS (grid, contain, custom properties etc);

○ A11y.

Geek stream

○ Virtual / augmented reality (e.g. WebVR);

○ WebAssembly and crosscompiling from other languages;

○ Optimizations: rendering in deep, javascript optimization tricks;

○ IoT (e.g. Cylon.js, IoT.js);

○ Neural networks, AI and frontend;

○ Security (XSS, CSRF etc);

○ Functional programming (e.g. Elm, ClojureScript, PureScript, BuckleScript);

○ Houdini.

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