FlutterConf.by Conference for Flutter Technology Enthusiasts

Minsk, Belarus August 29, 2020

Tags: Flutter, Dart, Foundation

CFP closed at  August 29, 2020 19:00 UTC

FlutterConf.by is the first Belarusian conference dedicated to Flutter technology by Google. Organized by local enthusiasts, it’s aimed to encourage knowledge and ideas sharing thus spreading out the use of the technology in the country.

FlutterConf.by seeks to provide topics relevant to developers using Flutter in various businesses, the upcoming event is an International Tech Conference for mobile and front-end specialists, who are interested in professional and career development.

● When: August 29, 2020

● Where: Minsk, Belarus

● Who will take part: 130 participants from Belarus and other countries.

The event program includes: 1 workshop & 5 presentations from industry experts and Flutter ambassadors.

Our first speakers

1. Remi Rousselet, Flutter Software engineer at TAB, Author of Provider and Flutter Hooks packages, Paris

2. Aleksandr Denisov, Co-Head of Flutter Competency in EPAM Systems, GDG Moscow Organizer

3. Gennady Evstratov, Software architect, Head of iOS workgroup at Yandex.Taxi Lead of the first Yandex.Taxi Flutter Project, Moscow

4. Andrei Lesnitsky Self-employed Flutter developer, building next-gen Flutter IDE

CFP Description

✔︎ The talks for Flutter Conference have no specific theme or agenda, besides being related to the Flutter technology in general. We’d like to hear about best practices, approaches and solutions in Flutter development.

✔︎ We are looking for 40 min talks. Feel free to submit your proposals! We also accept proposals for talks that you’ve given before (but please mention this in the submission)

✔︎ Selection process

If you’re interested but not sure where or how to start - send us an idea and reach out to us for help refining it! We’re happy to help you work on your talk proposal. We want more speakers like you! Event program committee consisting of Mobile Technology experts not only create the event agenda, but also assist speakers in preparing a speech (advice on slides design and presentation, make a feedback session based on the provided content).

✔︎ Recording

Every session at Flutterconf.by will have professionally-produced video recordings published to our YouTube channel.

✔︎ Expenses

We’re committed to assisting speakers by providing the following, but please let us know if we can help make it easier for you to join us!

● Tickets & accommodation coverage upon request

● Afterparty with the community

● Lunch with community leaders during the conference

● Tour over the most famous party places :)

✔︎ Citizens of 74 countries — the full list is here — can take advantage of the 30-day visa-free travel to Belarus. Foreign nationals may visit any place in Belarus within 30 days of their visa-free stay. However, they must arrive and leave the country only through Minsk National Airport. To enter Belarus for 30 days visa-free you only must have the following documents:

● a valid passport

● medical travel insurance

● a return ticket

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