FrenchKit SE 2020

Paris, France October 02, 2020

CFP closed at  September 10, 2020 00:28 UTC

FrenchKit is the first French conference dedicated to Apple Technologies.

Despite the Covid situation, FrenchKit’s raison-d’être is relevant today as it always has been: bringing developers together. This is why FrenchKit is happening this year, shorter and safer, with much fewer but much cheaper tickets available. Still, its very gist will be preserved, with the same passion and the same care for contents.

See you this October, at the FrenchKit SE.

CFP Description

Thank you for participating to the FrenchKit CfP!

🎯 Objectives

At FrenchKit we usually favour developer-oriented technical topics, possibly matching the following criteria:

  • Intermediate-to-advanced tech topics (except for very new frameworks and APIs, such as recent WWDC announcements).
  • Practical and pragmatic contents, mainly related to code and technical practices (we want to get our hands dirty).
  • Actionable takeaways, bringing elements that can be effectively used on a daily basis.

Also, we strongly prefer technical talks over marketing or evangelist talks.

💡 Looking for ideas?

If you’d like to speak but are looking for a subject, here are some suggestions:

  • Swift for TensorFlow
  • Testing (what to test, what not to test, architecting your app for testing)
  • Functional / UI Testing
  • Deep Dive on the latest iOS/macOS frameworks
  • Accessibility (and how to leverage/improve accessibility tooling)
  • Advanced caching / offline mode / poor connectivity handling
  • How to rapidly dive into a legacy codebase
  • Quality metrics: what’s useful and what’s not
  • Performance analysis & Debugging
  • Advanced LLDB
  • How to setup dark mode (or other similar APIs) in a legacy app
  • UX/Ergonomics Best Practices
  • Server-Driven UI
  • Security

📑 Organization

  • The whole conference will be in English.
  • We plan to organize one or two Skype sessions after the acceptance in order to review the subject and ensure a global coherence between all talks.
  • A dinner will be organized the day before the conference with all the speakers.

🖋 Acceptance Notification

You should expect the result approximately 20 days after the closure of the CfP. Don’t hold your breath!

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