Frontstack - Frontend Favourites 💖

Online February 13, 2021

CFP closed at  January 15, 2021 17:00 UTC

About Frontstack

Frontstack is a community of frontend engineers, led by Ire Aderinokun. Our mission is to effectively grow the frontend developer ecosystem in Nigeria and Africa, stem world-class developers by creating exposure to frontend technologies, and help more of its members build expert frontend skills.

Frontend Favourites

In the 5th annual edition of Frontstack, we’re celebrating the best of frontend development! Come learn about a wide array of topics related to building websites!

CFP Description

At this event, we’re looking for speakers to come and share their knowledge on their favourite aspects of frontend development. Unlike previous events, this event isn’t tied to one particular topic, so feel free to suggest a talk on any topic you like.

Want suggestions?

If you’re looking for suggestions, here are some topics you can cover:

  • JAMstack
  • CSS Houdini
  • Web Performance
  • PWAs
  • ES2019/2020/2021
  • Share a personal project
  • …. or anything else!