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After the huge success of Global Blockchain Conference 2017, the Blockchain developers community is proud to announce that Global FinTech Conference will take place on February 23-24, 2019 at the NDMC Convention Centre, New Delhi, India. This Global FinTech Conference will feature 50+ speakers and 400+ attendees, exchanging knowledge and ideas on the innovative business and research implications of blockchain technologies.

We are also very interested in contributions from related fields, such as Bioinformatics, Healthcare, Quantum machine learning, Risk management, Telecom, etc.

CFP Description

We invite submissions to the Global FinTech Conference – a recurring event where scholars in the fields of strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation, organization theory, finance, and economics can discuss their research on the rise, diffusion, and disruptive potential of financial technologies (“FinTech”).

The Global FinTech Conference objectives are:

  1. To network within a fast-growing academic community of scholars (both professors and PhD students) who research FinTech topics across a range of related disciplines.

  2. To facilitate a dialogue between academics and top executives, entrepreneurs, practitioners and policymakers from the public and private sectors.


We welcome proposals on the following topics of interest, but are not limited to:

  • Digital currencies, Blockchain/Ethereum, and cryptoeconomics
  • ML/AI in the FinTech marketplace and establishing trust
  • The design of FinTech organizations, governance, and new organizational forms
  • Adaptation to new business conditions, and competition between traditional financial institutions and FinTech start-ups
  • The social construction of financial markets and the fight for legitimacy
  • Institutions, innovation and international regulation in a changing financial climate
  • Post Quantum Cryptography
  • First delegated proof-of-stake chain
  • Decentralized governance/exchange
  • Scalability
  • Payment Solutions
  • Digital Economy

Talk format

Talks can either be 10 minutes or 30 minutes in length. Moderated Q&A is optional, but will have to be included in the designated time limit. We also offer 60 minute tutorial/workshop slots in a classroom setting for a more hands-on educational experience.

What to submit

Please include the following in your proposal submission:

  • Title
  • Talk or tutorial/workshop? If talk, 10 or 30/60 minutes?
  • Language: English
  • Talk abstract (max 1-3 sentences)
  • Longer description (provide more detail and background for your talk, including what you plan on covering and whether you have presented this material elsewhere before)
  • Speaker bio (tell us a little bit about yourself!)

If your talk is accepted, we will be publishing parts of your proposal on our website. Don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to make changes before it goes live! If you’d like to share details privately with the programme committee which will never appear anywhere publicly, please use the “Notes” section of the proposal form.

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