Gopher Conference 2020 Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan November 14, 2020

CFP closed at  August 31, 2020 17:19 UTC

Speak at the Gopher Conference in Taiwan!

Gopher Conference 自 2020 年發起,由 Golang Taipei 社群舉辦,長期投身推廣 Golang 程式語言與相關技術,希望引領更多軟體從業人員使用 Golang 語言,對 Golang 有興趣的朋友可以一同參與社群。

GopherCon TW 2020 邀請身為 Golang 使用者的你,向大家分享您的經驗與技術,期待您能在演講桌前,與我們一起 have fun with golang。

Gopher Conference is a conference held by Golang Taipei User Group since 2020. It’s aim is promoting Go language and Go’s communities. The event is held with talks, sponsor, and communities booths. Whoever you are a Golang coder, open source promoter, or even a newcomer, we sincerely welcome you to be part of GopherCon!

Call for Papers! We are looking for talks in Golang related areas. Join us and have fun with golang by sharing your Golang experiences!

We are soliciting presentation proposals July 1 – Aug 31, 2020.

CFP Description

投稿募集說明 Guidelines for Proposals

本次投稿徵求包含了 Keynotes 和議程演講 ,共有一條議程軌。


This Call For Proposals (CFP) includes Keynotes and Talks, located in the Main Theatre, present big ideas of general interest.

All presentations will be recorded and published online after the conference.

主題演講議程 Keynotes and Talks

時間限制: 30 分鐘
Keynotes 和演講將會於11月14在主演講廳舉辦,會有將近300個包含各個程度的 Golang programmers.

Time limit: 30 minutes
Keynotes and Talks will be held in the Main Theatre November 14rd. The audience of up to 300, will consist of Go programmers of all experience levels.

給講者的建議 Advice for authors


Proposals will be reviewed based on the selection criteria below. Please demonstrate as best as you can that your proposal meets them, so our reviewers feel confident about recommending it. One paragraph is not sufficient. Several paragraphs are barely sufficient. Please keep in mind that there has never been a GopherCon proposal that hit all the criteria, yet was rejected because it was too long.


  1. 關聯。該演講與 Golang 社群有關。 GopherCon 不是一般的軟體會議,我們的聽眾希望聽到與 Golang 相關的主題。
  2. 清楚。您已經明確說明了要演講的內容。
  3. 正確性。您已經證明了自己對主題的了解。
  4. 可實現性。您已經考慮過如何在可用的時間內展示您的資料。
  5. 影響。您想要向聽眾傳達哪些新思想,新技術,新工具或新資訊?

Selection Criteria

  1. Relevance. The talk is relevant to the Go community. GopherCon is not a general software conference, our audience wants to hear about topics that relate to the Go programming language.
  2. Clarity. You’ve clearly explained what you are going to talk about.
  3. Correctness. You’ve demonstrated knowledge of your topic. You don’t have to be an expert, but you are expected to be speaking from experience.
  4. Achievability. You’ve thought about how to present your material in the time available.
  5. Impact. The goal of the talk! What new idea, technique, tool, or information will you impart on the audience?

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