GopherCon Iceland

Reykjavik June 01, 2018, June 02, 2018

CFP closed at  March 05, 2018 09:08 UTC

We are very happy to bring GopherCon to Europe, and what better destination can we have, than Iceland, just as the hot season begins, and the summer solstice is just a few weeks away?

Endless hours of light and amazing surrounding, alongside great speakers and great crowd is the perfect recipe to celebrate Go in the European continent.

Here’s our schedule ⍉ May 31: Go Training ⍉ June 1-2: Conference

CFP Description

In GopherCon Iceland we will learn and share things like what is new out there, what always have been there but few people knew, and what are good practices to do that. We are interested in hearing about challenges you had and solved, and about new ways you found to use go. Expect a great crowd of learners who are also Go developers, in different expertise levels.