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Where and When?

GraphConnect is coming to New York City on October 23 and 24.


From facilitating cutting-edge cancer research, to helping send humans to Mars, to enabling the next generation of business applications that require highly scalable, real-time queries of data relationships, graphs are changing the way we innovate. GraphConnect is the premier conference to hear and share these stories of innovation.

Who attends?

Attend GraphConnect and you’ll have the opportunity to mix and mingle with hundreds of developers, software engineers, data scientists and IT Executives with one thing in common: the desire to disrupt their industry.

The event is centered around the Neo4j Graph Database, which has a community of tens of thousands of developers around the world, 500-member startup program, and hundreds of customers among the Global 1000.


GraphConnect is a two-day conference, with one full day devoted to training classes covering both beginning and advanced topics. The second day is keynotes, 45-minute technical and business sessions, 15-minute lightning talks, an expo hall, GraphClinics to get one-on-one help from Neo4j engineers and more. We have a number of events that take place around the conference, including a GraphHack hackathon (with plenty of swag and prizes!), social party for mingling, as well as an ecosystem and partner summit.

CFP Description

Share Your Impact Story

  • Impact on Innovation: Where are graphs and Neo4j making a difference in your field? What advances have graphs helped to facilitate? How have you innovated with graphs? Demos are very helpful to demonstrate impact.

  • Impact on Business: How are graphs and Neo4j are shaping the future of your industry? How have graphs reduced your costs, increased revenue or improved how you service your customers?

  • Impact on Technology: How have graphs, Neo4j and Cypher made it faster for you build applications? How have graphs made your applications more performant, helped them scale or enabled new features? Demos and code are very helpful to demonstrate impact.

Share your Knowledge and Experience

  • Developer Best Practices: Developers want to hear about the lessons learned from the front lines of Neo4j production deployments. Share your knowledge, experience and code with other developers so we can all learn together.

We Welcome Everyone

Are you a first-time speaker? We’ll help you prepare for your talk by providing guidance on content as well as rehearsals to help with speaking style. We may even be able to set you up to talk at a local meetup to build your confidence.

Are you a seasoned public speaker? Be sure to let us know. We can also provide help fine-tuning content and speaking style if you desire.

Past Speakers

Past speakers include: Patrick Chanezon of Docker, David Meza of NASA, Karen Lopez of InfoAdvisors, Mark Kvamme of Drive Capital, Mar Cabra of the ICIJ, Scott Grimes of Marriott, Chris Williams of Airbnb, Helena Bengtsson of The Guardian, Dan Murphy of the Financial Times, Steven Noel of MITRE, David Makogan of Microsoft, and Ashley Sun of Lending Club.

You can watch videos of past talks at

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