HackConf 2021 Online

Online October 22, 2021, October 23, 2021,


CFP closed at  May 31, 2021 20:30 UTC

Since we still have an ongoing pandemic, HackConf 2021 will be held online.

Nothing will make us happier than seeing you in person, but we’ll have to wait until 2022 for that.

HackConf’s online edition is coming up on October 22-23.

We’ll have lectures on Friday (22nd of October) and workshops on Saturday (23rd of October).

HackConf is Bulgaria’s premier software development conference, happening in Sofia.

Organized “by developers, for developers,” it covers a wide range of software development topics, regardless of the tech stack. The audience at HackConf is very diverse, from students in the IT field to developers with 5 or more years of experience.

We have had 1000+ attendees and more than 3000 live stream viewers per event.

CFP Description

Thank you for your interest to share knowledge at HackConf 2021 Online! ❤️


  • October 22 - Talks
  • October 23 - Workshops

What We’re Looking For:

  • Talks
  • Workshops

👉 The deadline for submissions is: 31st of May

👉 We’ll let you know if your talk/workshop is accepted by June 30, 2021.

⭐ Conference speakers:

  • The conference day program will be on October 22, between 2 PM and 7 PM EEST. Featuring 3 parallel tracks of talks and discussions:

Entry level track that will help novice developers to learn and grow.

🧙 In the trenches track that will feature the best content for seasoned developers.

🛰️ Future features track for future features and trends in the software development industry.

  • Every conference speaker will have 50 minutes to present their topic and answer questions from the audience. Distributed as follows: 30 minutes for the talk and 20 minutes for Q&A, or 40 minutes for the talk and 10 minutes for Q&A.

  • We’ll have a physical studio in Sofia where all speakers in Bulgaria are welcome to present on Friday.

  • All speakers from abroad will be able to join and present live.

  • Unfortunately, this year we won’t cover travel and accommodation expenses for speakers.

  • We believe in the connection between speakers and audience - that’s why we want to have live and not prerecorded talks.

We believe that the best talks are the ones which our audience can use in their work after the end of the conference. The talk can be suitable for all levels of experience - from beginners & advanced beginners to senior developers. We particularly favour talks that either contain practical takeaways for the audience or take the form of a story that can inspire our attendees or help them avoid common mistakes. It’s helpful if it has a fairly wide appeal, although sometimes niche talks are well received too.

Above all, it must be relevant to our audience. We are aiming to have a balance of topics! You are not limited in your proposal, but here are some themes that we think would make interesting talks:

  • Everything about software development
  • Software testing - tools, good practices, experience from a philosophy point of view
  • Hardware stuff
  • Network programming and Security
  • DevOps
  • Software Architecture
  • Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep learning
  • Data science
  • Running a startup/software business
  • And finally - Can you show something new and useful? Go ahead and send us your proposal!

Some additional suggestions on getting the best response for your talk:

  • Please submit no more than 2 talks! Contact team@hackconf.bg for guidance on choosing which topics to submit.
  • Title - many attendees will read only the title of your talk. It should contain at least one or two nouns that convey the topic, language, technique, or whatever you are primarily talking about.
  • Abstract - should sell your talk to attendees (and us the reviewers). The abstract should answer the attendee’s question “Why should I attend this talk? What will I learn?” The best size of the abstract is 3-5 sentences.
  • Make sure to put tags describing your talk in the talk tags field.

Check out HackConf 2019 talks for some inspiration!

⭐ Workshop speakers:

  • The workshop’s day program will be on October 23, between 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM EEST.

  • All workshop speakers will have up to 3 hours for their sessions.

  • All workshops will be held online.

  • Every speaker can set specific requirements for their workshop, which attendees have to meet.

  • Max participants per workshop: up to 15.

We’re open to all kinds of ideas, especially ones we haven’t thought of! Technical workshops tend to be more popular, but we welcome all topics! Workshops can be targeted at any experience level, just be sure to indicate clearly what you expect your students to already know or have experience within your proposal!

Please read these guidelines before submitting:

  • You should have previous speaking experience, preferably with a long-form workshop similar to the one you’re proposing.
  • Your title should be simple and clearly mention the primary technology you wish to cover.
  • Your title or abstract should clearly indicate whether the workshop is an intro level, intermediate, or advanced topic (all are ok, but please set expectations).
  • Make sure to put tags describing your workshop in the talk tags field.

How will you be supported?

We are committed to supporting the speakers on all stages, including:

⭐ Giving feedback on your talk or workshop idea.

⭐ We grant our speakers two FULL ACCESS Tickets for the conference.

⭐ Post-conference, we make videos of all the talks available for free online following the conference, with speakers, of course, retaining copyright.

All workshop speakers will be rewarded with 50% of the collected amount from the workshop’s ticket price for their session.

Selection Process

The selection process for this year is going to be as follows:

⭐ The application form is open until the 31st of May.

⭐ We’ll choose a selection of talks and workshops that will add value and make the program engaging for our attendees.

⭐ The majority of the selection decision will be based on the content of the proposed talks.

⭐ The second step of the speakers’ selection process will be a short online meeting with our Team.

By June 30, everyone will hear back from us. We will send an email to everyone whether we choose him/her for a speaker or not.