Hack In Paris 2021

Online November 18, 2021, November 19, 2021


CFP closed at  June 27, 2021 17:00 UTC

Hack in Paris is a steadily growing event, gathering each year IT security experts and passionate. Usually, the event is held in the French capital but this year it is going to be held online. In a dedicated environment, attendees can really understand the realities of hacking and the consequences that companies are facing. During 5 days, it offers a high-quality program dealing with high-end IT security, industrial spying, penetration testing, physical security, forensics, malware analysis techniques and countermeasures. Organized by Sysdream, the Cybersecurity Division of the Hub One group, the 10th edition of the event will take place from the 15th to the 19th November 2021 online

CFP Description

Directions for HIP21

  • Yet more hacking
  • No bullshit
  • No commercial influence: only the best technical topics
  • Open-source software, hardware and publications prioritized
  • Live demonstrations and side activities required

CFP – Papers (Talks)


We are looking for submissions on the topic of infosec: crispy research, techniques, tools or feedbacks…

Below are some examples of domains that we expect:

  • offensive security, penetration testing, OPSEC / red team
  • defensive security, blue team
  • forensics

The rule of thumb is to introduce practical knowledge to the audience, so we have the following prerequisites:

  1. Presentations on technical topics
  2. Live demonstration required
  3. Hands-on expertise that can be useful for the audience - when possible, followed by tools publications
  4. Good skills in pedagogy, popularizing complex topics
  5. No commercial presentations

Regarding the last item, we mean to only accept the demonstration of open-source software, publicly released before or during the talk.


Important: Submit your information to our platform in the Markdown format. Make it readable and well organized. Videos and slides (PDF format only) can be linked in Markdown to the platform of your choice.

We would like you to submit the following items:

  1. Profile / portfolio
  2. A short introduction to explain what motivates your submission
  3. Your presentation materials (as external links, in PDF)
  4. A video of the technical demonstration, required as a fallback of the live demonstration (external link)
  5. Links to the software repositories that you might plan to present, along with the related open-source licensing information.

During the screening, the committee will review these items.

Additionally, you might be asked to carry out the workshop session through a web conference session.

We won’t review any papers with missing information