Haskell Love

Around the world September 10, 2021


CFP closed at  July 11, 2021 21:53 UTC

For the second time, the Haskell Love conference gathers all Haskell enthusiasts from around the globe!

It is about the Haskell language, of course. Haskell Love Conference is the biggest λ online event in the world. Attendees get the best content and the opportunity to meet the functional community a little bit closer, completely for free!

This event is focused on the FP community, knowledge exchange, and having fun!

CFP Description

Language extensions

Language extensions are used to enable language features in Haskell that may seem useful in certain cases. Know such cases? Share! They also can be used to loosen restrictions in the type system or add completely new language constructs to Haskell. A guru of the language extensions WANTED!

Developer tools

Everyone wants to enhance their engineering teams with metrics, automation, and testing. Talk about the parts or the complete picture of this multi-faceted problem: profilers, tracers, debuggers, preprocessors, and testing tools.


Have been working with a lovely library in Haskell? Demonstrate it! Explain to us what problem you are trying to address and how the library solves it. Maybe there is some “magic” involved there, and you want to explain how it works? That’s also great!


The expressiveness of Haskell allows us to encode some very abstract ideas. Some of those are considered “over-the-top” by some. Take the opportunity and familiarize a greater audience with a concept by making it more accessible. What problem it is going to help people with, how it is making our life easier.


Let the world know what’s great about software written in Haskell. For instance, we are eager to hear how you deal with databases, telecommunication, the web? If you are creative and have something cool to show off at the intersection of functional programming and visual art, music, or design, we’ll be happy to learn from you, too!

We prefer new talks! If you have a great talk that you’ve used once or twice before, we’ll certainly consider it, but we always like original content better so that our audience has something new and fresh to digest!