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The term “the Internet of things” was coined by Kevin Ashton of Procter & Gamble, later MIT’s Auto-ID Center, in 1999 where smartphones doesn’t exist yet. Today, we have ubiquitous mobile connectivity with infrastructure that combines the internet, micro services, sensors, WiFi , 5G & other wireless technologies (which we call the “Hypernet”). We now in the age of the Hypernet-of-Things, where every days objects or “things” have built-in intelligence that collects, connect & communicates over the hypernet to create AI-driven digital services, new customer experiences & business models that can scale & adapt to the new normal.

HoT 2020 Conference & Expo is curated as the platform for members and solution providers to showcase their capabilities on intervention & digital-first strategies, in manufacturing & services sectors, on transforming their operations. With the impending roll-out of 5G and LPWAN in verticals such as agriculture, city halls and municipalities, public and private facilities and asset management, e-fulfilment and logistics, security and border control, TVET, and many others, are more inclined to take their first step onto 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) & accelerate their journey towards digitalisation.

IoT Experience Centre @ HOT 2020 Virtual Conference & Expo A dynamic showcase on IOT connected with deployment of sensors, gateway and AI; covering building management, asset monitoring, city monitoring, agriculture monitoring, automotive tracking and monitoring, will be jointly integrated by MyIoTA to provide SMEs and visitors with first-hand experience on Industry 4.0-transformed production process, and intelligent facility management.

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Sectors Targeted: Policy makers, CIO, SME’s, Telcos, Manufacturers, City councils, Agriculture, Logistics, Asset & Facility Management, etc.

We’re looking for presentation on expert opinions, case studies, insights & technological innovations

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