ITNEXT Summit 2019

Amsterdam, The Netherlands October 30, 2019
Tags: Javascript, Devops, Engineering, Data engineering, Nodejs, React, Angular

CFP closed at  May 01, 2019 00:05 UTC

Amsterdam. Wednesday. 30th of October 2019. At the 4th edition of the ITNEXT Summit, inspirational speakers will showcase tech magic in 3 tracks:

  • JavaScript chaired by Tara Ojo
  • Data Engineering chaired by Holden Karau
  • DevOps chaired by Thiago de Faria

Come to learn/share/inspire tech and skills necessary to build scalable applications in a period where time-to-market is one of the most critical factors. So enjoy our tracks to hear about success and lessons learned from market tech-savvy leaders with hands-on sessions.

The event is aimed at IT/Tech professionals who want to learn what’s new and what’s next. The intention of the Summit is to instigate thoughts, share knowledge, and inspire with enriching sessions!

We will show the underlying technology of the solutions for tomorrow, but do not expect just discussions about what will happen in five to ten years. We give you a backstage view on what is possible to implement and apply now and to learn what used to be impossible but now is feasible!

CFP Description

To increase your chance of having your session selected, please consider the following topics. These subjects have been chosen to fit this year’s theme.

  • JS: Working with libraries, frameworks & tools
  • JS: Testing best practices
  • JS: What’s new - Latest ECMAScript proposals or framework releases
  • JS: Lessons learned
  • JS: Wild projects - innovative and random projects built with JS
  • JS: Improving our community
  • Data Engineering: Streaming use cases
  • Data Engineering: Enabling Analytics and ML pipelines
  • Data Engineering: Testing, scheduling and monitoring your pipeline
  • Data Engineering: Lessons Learned
  • Data Engineering: Architecture patterns
  • Data Engineering: innovative projects
  • DevOps: War Stories - successes and failures are equally important to us!
  • DevOps: Monitoring and Observability.
  • DevOps: Knowledge gained on a particular technology.
  • DevOps: Serverless.
  • DevOps: Organizational changes in management and/or engineering.
  • Our audience is composed of different levels of technical engineers and we like to focus on production implementations / real-life situations, to avoid unreal situations or talks that have no real added-value.

The sessions will be 30 minutes.

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