Jaipur Dev Fest 2018

Jaipur, India July 28, 2018


CFP closed at  July 01, 2018 16:07 UTC

What is Jaipur Dev Fest 2018?

Jaipur Dev Fest, was conceptualized & born in Year 2016! Our inaugural event held on 1st April 17, in the pink city of Jaipur, was the first-ever community led Salesforce event in India. And we’ll forever be grateful for the amazing response received from the community and our sponsors!

As the name itself suggests, this event is more of a festival – a celebration to get everyone together in the Indian Salesforce ecosystem – we invite developers, admins, business users, partners, customers & everyone else to come and join us for this 1-day event- JDF18 on 28th July 2018 to create history together.

And what better a place than the pink city of Jaipur in perfect weather to host this unique festival but this time in Mumbai-ya style!

Who will be attending?

We’ll have key personnel from Salesforce India, MVPs, User Group leaders and community members from all over India.

Where is JDF18 being held?

We couldn’t think of a better place than the pink city of Jaipur in perfect weather to host this unique festival! The venue for JDF18 is Jaipur Exhibition & Convention Center - South Asia’s largest convention center! If you wanted to present on a big stage, it does not get any bigger than this!

CFP Description


We’re accepting session proposals for the following tracks

  • Architect
  • Developer
  • Admin
  • Women in Tech

We’re open to any topic as long as you convince us that it’s a good fit for JDF18 attendees and why? Some good topics to ponder

  • API Integrations
  • Lightning/ LDS
  • Adoption (Salesforce, Lightning Experience)
  • AppExchange
  • Automation Tips & Tricks
  • Security
  • Heroku
  • Mobile
  • Einstein/ Einstein Analytics
  • Case Studies

Each session will be 30 mins (~25 mins talk, ~ 5 mins - Q&A + change over). Submit an abstract and some detail (we don’t need any slides for now) on why you think we should accept this session.

What We Look for in Proposals

  • Your session must demonstrate or be related to Salesforce technologies.
  • Show and tell, not just tell.
  • If you are doing code: show the code, explain the code, and share the code if possible (i.e. GitHub, unmanaged packages, etc).
  • If you are doing button click development: show the steps and explain the steps.
  • If you are sharing a use case: find the nugget of ingenuity and show and explain.
  • Clearly express the key takeaways for the audience. Ask yourself, what are the most important things that they need to know or get from this presentation
  • Provide a call to action at the end of the session – links to GitHub or other locations for digging in deeper.
  • Highlight solutions not problems.
  • Plan on using as few slides as possible.

Note - Your session must not include any proprietary or confidential information, and you must have permission to submit any material that you have obtained from others.

Tips for Submitting

Think carefully about what you want to talk about, and what value the conference attendees will get from attending your talk. Provide a clear description that describes the value, and ensure that the key takeaways are well defined. Get the timing right. 30 minutes is a long time to keep an audience entertained and informed.