jLove conference

Around the world December 04, 2020, December 05, 2020

Tags: Java, Scala, Kotlin, Architecture, Microservices, Fp, Oop, Tdd, Devops

CFP closes at  October 31, 2020 19:22 UTC

What is it all about?

This December we are taking you on a tour through the ecosystem of one of the most popular languages in the world. Buckle up!

Dive deeper into Java knowledge with speakers sharing their knowledge, globally. Take a cup of coffee and enjoy the best Java experience on the web!

jLove is a remote event, that means, you can join from everywhere. How to experience an online conference? We will provide you with the navigation page!

Who can submit a talk?

Are you a student, a programmer with a few years of experience, an expert in Java or Java Champion? Join us, we will cover all the levels of advancement!

How to register?

Go to jLove website https://jlove.konfy.care

We are addressing the event to everyone who is interested in JVM programming and want to learn in a fun, friendly atmosphere. This event is focused on the JVM community, knowledge exchange, and online socializing!

Write us

email us at info@konfy.caree and we will get back to you

Java #JVM #Kotlin #Scala #Groovy #Microservices #Architecture #Cloud

CFP Description

We are looking for talks about

  • Java, JVM languages (Kotlin, Scala, Clojure, etc)
  • DevOps, Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker, CI, CD
  • Testing, TDD, DDD
  • Functional Programming, OOP
  • Architecture, Craftsmanship, Microservices, Streaming Data

and many others, not sure about the topic? present for the first time? Email us at info@konfy.care and we will help you!

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