LambdAle 2019

London September 21, 2019

CFP closed at  June 03, 2019 00:06 UTC

LambdAle is a functional programming conference in a pub.

Date: Saturday 21st September

Location: George IV in Chiswick, West London

Content: A whole day of exciting talks, with an FP-flavoured pub quiz to finish.

Keynote speaker: Simon Peyton Jones

Our goal is to bring people together to learn about FP in a fun, relaxing and welcoming environment.

The conference is aimed at FPers of all levels of experience, from beginner to expert.

If you write, or aspire to write, functional programs in Clojure, Elm, Erlang, F#, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, PureScript, Scala, Scheme or any other language, please join us!

CFP Description

We are looking for:

  • 30-minute technical talks about anything related to functional programming, aimed at any audience level from beginner to expert
  • 10-minute non-technical talks - tell us about your hobbies, beer trivia, history of science, philosophy, fine art, beekeeping, that pizza recipe you’re so proud of, or anything else you’re passionate about!

It’s up to you whether you’d like to use the whole time slot for your talk or leave some time at the end for questions.

You can submit as many talks as you like, but we will not select more than one talk by the same speaker.

The submission process is anonymised, so the programme committee will not see your name when they select the talks.

The CFP closes on the evening of Sunday 3rd June. We will contact you by Sunday 23rd June to inform you of our decision.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at