LinuxLab 2019

Firenze, Grand Hotel Mediterraneo December 02, 2019, December 03, 2019

CFP closed at  September 15, 2019 00:09 UTC

LinuxLab is the International conference in Italy on embedded, IoT and cloud, all powered by Linux.

CFP Description

LinuxLab is back!

LinuxLab is the Italian conference on embedded, IoT and cloud, all powered by Linux.
Share your experience, submit a talk!


You have time until September, 8th to submit an abstract to the third edition of LinuxLab that will be held in Florence on December, 2nd and 3rd, 2019.


All talks will be given in English. Please fill the online form with all required information and the talk abstract.
Feel free to get in touch with us at for any questions.


Do you have a valuable experience in Linux, applied to some specific domain? Would you like to share your knowledge with other Linux users (or wannabe)? Propose yourself to give a workshop, possible slots are:
* 3h workshop session, half day, in the morning or after lunch;
* 6h workshop session, full day.

Conference Talks

If you have something to share about the Linux adoption, what helped you and what may help others, please share your experience!
The talk format is:
* 45 minute talks including Q&A and room change, 30~35 minutes of talk


This year we are looking for three kinds of contributions:
1. Case studies: share with us your experience using Linux in your product;
2. Technical stories: tell us about that last cutting-edge technology;
3. In-depth advanced talks: show us your amazing skills.

For example, we are looking for your story on how you’ve tailored Linux to your board, connected your IoTs to a cloud monitoring platform, deployed critical updates or performed predictive maintenance in a snap.

Here are some topics we’d love to see discussed during the conference:


Did Linux enable you to use that shiny multi-touch display?
Without Linux, could you have used that library for such a nice UI?
What about that cool speech-recognition framework that only runs on Linux?

Security and reliability

Tell us how you managed to address security issues on your IoT device
How do you keep your board up to date with the latest security patches?
What practices do you employ to keep your device always running?


Have you written a high-performance or real-time driver for your custom hardware?
Did you tune your kernel to achieve your desired system performances?
Has a hypervisor allowed you to use the same CPU for HMI and real-time control?


Tell us how you debugged your problem on Linux, with style!
Have you built your own custom Linux distribution?
How about that one time you deployed your monitoring infrastructure on the cloud using just open source tools?

Is your favorite topic not listed here?
Submit your proposal anyway or drop us an email at!

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