Mobius conference 2019 Moscow

Moscow December 07, 2019, December 08, 2019
Tags: Android, Ios

CFP closed at  September 16, 2019 18:09 UTC

Mobius 2019 Moscow is a conference for mobile apps developers that takes place on December 7-8, 2019 in Moscow, Russia.

The conference talks are Android and iOS developers to:

  • Technologies (Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, JS Native);
  • Tools (mobile DevOps, containers, GPU calculations, etc);
  • Frameworks (Data binding, RxJava, Firebase, Realm, etc);
  • Architectures (MVP, MVVM, VIPER and others).

We never accept “sponsorship” talks so you won’t find any “marketing” or “sales” talks.

CFP Description

We are interested in talks related to the following topics:

Common (relevant for each platform): * Offline support/tooling * Build processes * ML in mobile development * Mobile payments * Declarative UI * Flutter * Functional and reactive programming * Profiling / Optimizations / Performance * Large team process automation * UI/UX/Animations * Tests and test automation * Large-scale architecture * Personalization * Security and cryptography * Typography/i18n/l10n/Accessibility * Code generation * AR/VR

Android-specific: * Android platform new features * Android internals * Kotlin and Kotlin best practices * NDK * d8/r8 * JetPack production experience

iOS-specific: * Swift best practices * iOS platform new features

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