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NFT South is a three day conference on, as the name suggests, non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. And all activities for those three days will be on NFTs, NFTs, and NFTs. In whatever field you’re using or interfacing with NFTs in the metaverse or meatspace, whether it’s in generative art, games, virtual worlds, film, music, etc, we’re interested in it, no matter how novel.

In fact, the more novel it is, the better, because even for NFT South, we’ll be doing something relatively new: Tickets will be sold using both a traditional ticketing platform and a couple of NFT ticketing platform. So your ticket to the conference can be on an ERC-721 compliant blockchain. For you and for us, that opens up new possibilities not available with existing ticketing platforms.

And there will be lots of exciting activities, including a chess contest between grandmaster Hou Yifan of China, the top-ranked female GM in the world, and 12-year-old grandmaster Abhimanyu Mishra of the United States. You won’t want to miss this conference!

Here’s other pertinent info about NFT South:

  • City/State: Dallas, Texas

  • Dates: July 28 - 30, 2022

  • Venue: Irving Convention Center

Need to reach out to us to clarify something before you fill out this CFP, the fastest mode is via DM on Twitter. You can also reach us by email or SMS from the conference website.

CFP Description

NFT South will be all about NFTs, NFTs and NFTs. You get the point? So in whatever field you’re in, if NFT is involved and you consider yourself a good speaker or panel participant, let’s see what you got. We’re especially looking for talks, presentations, and workshops in these categories:

  • Generative art
  • Games
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Virtual worlds
  • Music
  • Film

That’s not an exhaustive list, so if you’re messing with NFT in any other field in the meatspace or metaverse, go right ahead. Submit your talk or workshop idea. Note that talks are 20 minutes long and a workshop should have enough content to last at least an hour, but no more than 2 hours. With workshops, we have a revenue-sharing model, so reach out to us if you wish to conduct a paid workshop.

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