c.ur8.io NFT Conference

Nottwil, CH October 21, 2021, October 22, 2021

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CFP closed at  September 30, 2021 15:29 UTC

c.ur8.io is organizing the first ever Swiss NFT conference “F O M O L A N D” and NFT show at Hotel Sempachersee, Nottwil CH. Dates: Conference 21-22 October, 2021. NFT Show (public access), 23 October 2021.

F O M O L A N D is going to bring together some of the highest profile generative NFT projects, NFT artists, NFT / Blockchain companies and social influencers together for the first time in Switzerland.

Additionally, we are hosting the first ever Bored Ape Social Club for EU-based apes. We will be hosting a dedicated area for apes to mingle and connect. Real world variations of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT’s will bring more ambiance to this very special space.

CFP Description

F O M O L A N D NFT conference is looking for engaging and informative speakers that have knowledge and experience in the fledgling NFT space.

Topics might include the following;

  1. NFT - Creation of the token, minting of the token, art styles (animated, pixel, generative) and creation, marketing and sales (Opensea, HEN, Foundation.app).

  2. Blockchain / Technology - whats behind the erc-721 token, how can the technology be used beyond art, what makes this so disruptive.

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