OdessaJS 2019

Ukraine, Odessa July 20, 2019, July 21, 2019

Tags: Js, Javascript, Web, Node.js, Frontend

CFP closed at  March 30, 2019 21:03 UTC

Since 2012 we’ve been building the community of JavaScript enthusiasts. The conference OdessaJS on tradition we spend in Odessa on July 20-21 - it will be the seventh conference, about which we want to tell in numbers:

  • 7 years contributing to JS
  • 3500 participants
  • 160+ speakers
  • 20+ countries-participants
  • 266K social media engagement per year

Odessa JS welcomes guests with the warm sea and a true resort atmosphere. The event will take place in the well-known “Black Sea Hotel” simply adored by our attendees.

CFP Description

You can look through the list of topics that have been presented during the 2013-2018 on the Conference website. Each year we try to choose the best presentations for the Conference Program. If you have interesting practical experience of JavaScript usage welcome to join the Speakers Team of Odessa JS’2019.

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