Open Policy Agent Summit

San Diego, CA November 18, 2019

CFP closed at  September 15, 2019 14:09 UTC

The Open Policy Agent Summit is a half-day event, co-located with KubeCon North America on Monday November 18!

We’re bringing together new and current OPA users and contributors to connect and share best practices, key learnings, and new ideas. The founders and maintainers of the project will be on hand to field 1:1 questions and provide live-coding demos—and we’ll feature proven real-world implementations from various OPA adopters.

The Summit is planned for 12:00pm to 5:00pm, with drinks, games and socializing to follow. The planned agenda includes:

  • OPA users presenting best practices, innovations, and experience
  • Live-coding sessions and Q&A with policy and security experts across fields
  • Networking with the best community in the CNCF :D

All OPA-related abstracts are welcome!

CFP Description

We’re looking to share insights and innovation across the policy lifecycle - Definition, Enforcement, and Validation:

  • Architecture - designing policy systems across apps, microservices, K8s admission, and more!
  • Lessons learned & best practices - experiences writing Rego, deploying OPA, building integrations, or stories about how you arrived at your particular policy system.
  • Tooling - tools, frameworks, and stuff you built to validate your policies, satisfy your infosec and compliance department, and just generally making sure everything works.