Open Go

Miami, FL USA March 18, 2019, March 19, 2019

CFP closed at  December 06, 2018 23:12 UTC

Open Go is a two day conference that focuses on the open source community within the Go ecosystem. This conference will showcase eight open source projects by inviting a contributor to give a 30 minute educational talk on day one and a two hour workshop on day two. The conference talks will focus on teaching some aspect of open source and the talk will be related back to the contributors project. On the second day, each contributor will have 10 minutes to pitch their project in the morning and convince attendees to participate in their two hour workshop in the afternoon. There will be two tracks of workshops so each attendee will have the opportunity to participate in two open source projects.

CFP Description

We are looking for contributors who maintain open source projects in the Go ecosystem. The idea is two fold. On the first day you will give a 30 minute talk teaching the audience some aspect of working on open source. This should come from your experience and be related back to your project. Hopefully you are teaching aspects of being a maintainer or being someone who contributes. We want to make people better!

The second day is your chance to pitch your open source project for 10 minutes to the audience. Your goal is to get people excited to go to your 2 hour session. In your workshop you can get people working on issues and teach them how your project works. Hopefully you will retain a few people on the project after the conference.

We have 8 project that we will select. We are hoping to have a balance of projects that are both hobbies and businesses. Don’t hesitate if you think your project is too small, we want to hear from you.

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