OpenSIPS Summit 2018

Amsterdam, The Netherlands May 01, 2018

CFP closed at  February 28, 2018 13:02 UTC

OpenSIPS Summit is a 3 days event about VoIP & RTC around OpenSIPS projects and the Open-Source ecosystem (FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, Homer, Janus, CGRates and many more).
The OpenSIPS Summit attracts a large spectrum of participants from areas as VoIP providers/carriers or telcos due to its broad format that covers talks, inspiring presentations, workshops and trainings.
Submit your paper and share with us your experience, achievements or projects you had in VoIP & RTC area (with or without OpenSIPS) - be a speaker for our experts, developers and users from all over the world. Our speaker will enjoy free admission to the event, covering lunches and evening events ;) .

CFP Description

Even if any papers covering the VoIP &RTC area are welcome, the major topics of interest for our attendees are (but not limited to):

  • Implementations with OpenSIPS - scenarios, experience, challenges, solutions
  • Third-party OSS Integration around OpenSIPS - solutions
  • Open Source projects in the SIP/RTC area - news, updates, presentation
  • Research or development done with OpenSIPS
  • News and updates from the VoIP &RTC ecosystem - future directions or current challenges

Or anything of an interest to our broad audience :

  • solutions and ideas seekers
  • solution architects and designers
  • VoIP operational people
  • VoIP developers
  • VoIP integrators

PLEASE NOTE we do not accept papers that do marketing or sales for products or solutions. We are a non commercial event. Thank you.