OpenWrt Summit 2018

Lisbon, Portugal October 29, 2018, October 30, 2018
Tags: Openwrt

CFP closed at  July 24, 2018 23:07 UTC

The fourth edition of OpenWrt Summit will be taking place in Lisbon, Portugal. We are the only annual event focusing exclusively on OpenWrt and we look forward to you submitting your presentation to us!

We welcome submissions for talks (20 minutes or 40 minutes) and for workshops (2 hour or 4 hour sessions)

The OpenWrt Summit will benefit anyone who wants to learn more about OpenWrt/LEDE software and is a great opportunity for the core community to get together face to face.

In particular, the OpenWrt Summit will be perfect for:

OpenWrt/LEDE hackers (core team and contributors)
Software developers who maintain OpenWrt/LEDE packages or who want to create packages
Home users of OpenWrt/LEDE
Hardware and software engineers working with OpenWrt/LEDE, whether at work or for fun
Anyone interested in OpenWrt/LEDE, free and open source wireless networking, or embedded Linux

CFP Description

As a community centered conference, we invite users, developers, representatives of companies who use OpenWrt/LEDE and anyone interested in OpenWrt/LEDE to submit a speaking/session proposal for the OpenWrt Summit.

Suggested topics include:

Introductory topics (What is OpenWrt/LEDE? How to build? How to install? How to build packages?)
Hardware (Adding support for hardware you created or bought, contributing back to the core)
OpenWrt/LEDE derivatives (Best practices, staying close to core)
Unique and complex usage scenarios
Security (Containers, jails, etc)
Culture (Encouraging new contributors, documentation, advocacy)
Internet of Things/Internet of Everything
Future of OpenWrt/LEDE and related projects
We also welcome any other session topic related to OpenWrt/LEDE. Again, we encourage everyone interested to submit a session proposal for the OpenWrt Summit. Proposals should be submitted by July 11th, 2018.

Sessions can come in many forms. Presentations are great but also consider proposing panel discussions, questions and answer or tutorials. If you have a good idea, then we encourage it you to submit it! If you are submitting a panel, please list all members of the panel. When submitting a workshop, please give us an overview of the structure of the subject matter.

Submitted talks should fit into a standard time slot of 20 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion, or 40 minutes + 5 minutes for discussion. Workshops can be 2 hour or 4 hour sessions.

Submissions must include the following information:

Session title
Session abstract (at most 600 characters)
Type of session (presentation, discussion session, panel, tutorial, etc)
Length of session (20 or 40 minutes, 2 or 4 hours)
Experience level required
Preferred Name and contact email of the Proposer
Biography of the proposer
Affiliation of the proposer (if any)
Agreement that the proposer’s session will comply with the OpenWrt Summit Anti-Harassment Policy.

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