Virtual October 15, 2022


CFP closed at  September 30, 2022 14:41 UTC

OSCONF(An Open Source Community Conference) is a platform designed to connect & bring all the leading Meetup communities, Cloud native experts, Evangelists & DevOps together under one roof. It is a non-profit community event which allows you to interact with community leaders, ambassadors & open community contributors.

At OSCONF 2022, you’ll:

  • Learn about the latest Docker features and technology updates
  • Watch speakers live on YouTube
  • Listen to experts and industry leaders
  • Get connected to like-minds
  • Connect with peers and network with a thriving, vibrant community of developers

CFP Description

We would like to invite you to submit your session and workshop ideas for this online virtual Conference. To keep it simple, we have the below topics which might help you in shaping your talk.


  • What’s New in Kubernetes Releases?
  • Kubernetes Best Practices
  • Docker Developer workflows (CI/CD)
  • Kubernetes Tools and Technologies
  • Serverless
  • Use Case: Setting up your local dev environment: Tips and Tricks
  • Use Case: How to onboard new developers – best practices
  • Use Case: Containerizing your microservices
  • Use Case: Containerizing legacy apps
  • Use Case: Using Docker to deploy machine learning models
  • Unique use cases and cool apps
  • Technical deep dives
  • Community Stories
  • Open Source
  • Cloud-Native Applications
  • Automation

The deadline for submissions is September 30th, 2022.