Play Secure 2022

Online Venue June 15, 2022, June 16, 2022, June 17, 2022, June 18, 2022

CFP closed at  June 07, 2022 12:14 UTC

Play Secure explores the overlaps between play and security. Finding and looking at ways that games can be used in modelling real life scenarios to help in decision-making, anticipating upcoming issues, or in discovering new ways that systems of all types can be manipulated.

From D&D-styled incident response exercises to sessions on the psychology of play in creativity. Four interactive days of talks, games, and workshop sessions devoted to play and security.

Global and online-first, community focused, with a wealth of content on security, gaming, and the areas in between; you won’t find anything else like this.

Non-exhaustive examples are: * Tabletop incident pre-enactments as attacker, defender, and stakeholder teams * CTFs * Threat modelling card games * How to find the fun in Security by Design * Security Poker * What can MMORPGs can teach us about security and business crisis management? * How a board game can teach network security and DDoS mitigations? * How can gamification be made to work, and how can it fail? * Anything that brings together play and security… we’d love to see what you come up with…

CFP Description

We are looking for presentations, workshops, and interactive sessions on the conference themes. You might want to talk about setting up or playing a CTF, the links between risk management and game theory, or run a threat modelling game. If you have another idea, we are open to hearing it and seeing what can be done.

We have an exciting platform for the conference which allows for sessions ranging from small groups working together, up to all attendees.

We are a rookie-friendly conference and offer support and mentoring for both experienced and rookie speakers.